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Cleveland Rowing Foundation
1003 British St, Cleveland, OH 44113

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Phone : Gaby at (440) 915-4444

Email : csurowing@gmail.com

Our Hours

(varies per season):
Typically 5:30 am-7:15am M-F 

(or 3 days a week, contact for schedule)

Our Mascot

One of the most important members of our team is Gertie! She is a Newfoundland who can be extremely energetic, but is mostly loving and sweet. She is a big fan of joining us at regattas because she brings along much needed love and kindness when the rest of the team is exhausted from a long day of rowing. She tries to not choose any favorites, but she does like starboard more than port, and can be an olympic trained coxswain when needed! Gertie always makes new friends everywhere she goes and can be a wonderful cuddle buddy!

Our History

The CSU Rowing Team began in 2000 with borrowed 30-50 year old equipment and our volunteer coach, Dan DiAngelo. From there, we acquired an 8 (“Daniel Diangelo,” a 1984 Vespoli purchased from St. Ignatius), a 4 (“The Steamer,” 1994 Vespoli purchased from Syracuse), some oars, some cox boxes, an erg, and eventually, a new 4 was delivered in 2005, a huge milestone for the team.

Even with a slight fluctuation of membership over the years, the Cleveland State Rowing Team acquired more equipment, found a place to call home (The Cleveland Rowing Foundation), won competitions, and we also became an important part of the Cleveland State Community.